A Successful Conclusion of SNECES


A Successful Conclusion of SNECES

The 8th (2023) International Conference and Exhibition on Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Applications was held in Shanghai China from 31st  of October to 3rd of November. 


Shenzhen Yamaxi Technology Co., Ltd, as a manufacturer & supplier of magnetic components, took part in this pageant as an exhibitor. Yamaxi has received regular customers and got acquainted with new customers & friends. 


The general manager Yanxing Wu and vice general manager Tony Peng attended this exhibition as well. In addition, Yamaxi prepared several brand new designs and samples as exhibits which could be used in the field of energy storage. This means that Yamaxi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd paid much attention to this pageant. 


With the promotion of new designs & products of Yamaxi and the acquaintance of new customers & friends, Yamaxi got a tremendous success in this pageant. Other than that, all of participants of Yamaxi have sense of achievement and satisfaction, which come out of all the efforts they paid. 


Post time: Nov-08-2023