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Sales manager
5, more than 1 years of sales experience in the electronics industry, more than 3 years of power components, transformers, reactor sales experience.
2, has been in the large power components company sales manager above position 3 years, have customer resources is preferred;
3, excellent market development, project coordination, negotiation skills and team building ability.
4, has a wealth of marketing planning experience and skills, familiar with the current situation of the market development of the industry, strong market planning capabilities and operational capacity;
High frequency transformer Development Engineer
25, over 1 years of age, men and women are not limited, college degree or above, can understand English
2, familiar with the inductor, transformer, inverter and its application, familiar with the design and selection. Rich experience in development and production of sample.
3, familiar with CAD, Pro-E or related software, can independently develop the device specification.
4, with inductance, transformer industry development engineer or process engineer for more than 2 years of work experience.
5, familiar with the inductor, transformer related safety requirements.