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Yamaxi advocated "people-oriented" concept of talent, with high-quality staff as the center, the employees realize self value, and development goal of enterprise integration, requires each employee to begin from me, high standards and strict requirements; those who Yan Shu wide, the details determine success or failure, not to speak of things, not about human management. In the process of management, the starting point and the center, around the excitation and mobilize people's initiative, enthusiasm, creativity to expand. In order to achieve the win-win development of employees and enterprises as the goal, from the fundamental interests of enterprises and employees, and jointly seek development and promote development.
Identification of Yamasee business mission, and always to the success of the staff, is the ultimate wealth of the yamasee. Respect each employee's personality and professional, I believe everyone has a potential and value; promote pragmatic and candid and fully communicate with each other, speak to clear, specific, quantitative, pay attention to communication to copy; loyalty, pragmatic, learning, innovation, is the core of the yamaxi.
Yamaxi human resources policy conscientiously uphold the principle of "capable, mediocre, light let!" The principle of virtuous and talented exceptional use, not only virtuous cultivation, no restrictions on the use of only one, non German firm was not. In the process of selecting employees, it is recognized that the industry elite of the corporate culture will be favored and valued, and the effective material and spiritual incentives will be given after the entry into the job.